Who we are?

We are a business technology consulting firm that provides tailored solutions to meet our customer needs. We are here for YOU; to provide you most innovative solutions to your complex business needs.

Resource Excellence: Our resources are experts in their field; we only provide resources that are right fit for the engagement and will compliment your organisation.

Availability & Up time: We understand your business does not stop, and that you can call upon your partners when you really need them. We provide just that. You can reach us 24 x 7, 365 days.

Approach: Solutions to your problems & needs do not need to be complex, slow & expensive. We deliver rapid solutions using our tools & practices that are innovative, and enable you to get high ROI.

Alliances & Partnerships: Our Alliances & Partnerships are expanding and so is our thinking. Through our network we are able to provide you the solutions that are backed by the companies we work with. This ensures the success of all our engagements.

What makes us distinctive?

Making a difference

We don’t just deliver services, we genuinely want to make a difference for our customers, their industries and what they strongly believe in. We constantly evaluate and measure the value and impact of our approach and our customer engagement. After all we are in business because of YOU. This helps us to stay cutting edge and provide you with best there is.

Looking far & wide

With the constantly changing economic scene and rapidly changing technology we make sure we stay dynamic, agile and focused. Determined to provide you the solution that will help you stay ahead and be progressive.

Thought leadership

We are an intellectually inquisitive and challenging firm, and we pride ourselves on developing distinctive thinking. We have developed industry leading delivery models & frameworks in all areas of our practice. We are always plugged in, looking out and actively participating to understand latest industry trends and shifts.

Being resourceful

We have an active resource & partner network which is rapidly growing. This enables us to work with a wide array of people & companies. Also, a significant proportion of our clients want a genuinely joined up and interconnected service across their business. Through our partnership channels we can truly provide that. All you see is one banner, one provider which is us.

How you will experience us ?



We see ourselves as partners, not suppliers. We build long-term relationships with clients that stand the test of time. We also believe in transferring skills, knowledge and best practice.

Tailored solutions

Every organisation is unique, as is our approach, which draws on years of experience working with complex and diverse organisations.

Value for money

We offer great solutions at great value. We always strive to deliver projects ‘on-time & on-budget’. And we strongly believe in transparency and do not attach ‘hidden’ or ‘extra’ costs to our work.

Results oriented

We invest considerable time and effort to ensure that all of our consultants operate according to the same philosophy, understanding and benchmarks. We ensure our projects deliver the ROI that you expect.